Space Program was founded in 2000 as a full-service production company creating a legacy of great work and satisfied clients. And it continued that way for many years. However, in response to a shift in the general makeup of the production/advertising business, Space Program has evolved. We’re now a much more nimble and flexible company, examining and tackling each project and situation differently. Whether we're asked to come up with ideas, or just shoot a sold storyboard, the one-size-fits-all approach is gone and each production is its own unique opportunity. And because of the range of deliverables we now draw talent from not just the ad world but TV, film and social media realms as well. We use our experience and our passion to find solutions to these problems and do it gracefully, intelligently, efficiently and effectively.


When graphic designer Robert Hales presented me with the initial layouts for the company identity I looked at the circle and said, “You know when we go to do this for real we’ll make sure it's printed correctly and lose the flat spot.” He told me, “No, that’s the way I designed it.” Hmmm. For some reason the flat spot on the circle always gave me the creeps. There was something about it that threw me off. But it was at that very moment that I had a flashback to every pre-production meeting I was ever in, when I was trying to convince the client to cast the right actor or use the right DP or just change the creative slightly to make the spot that much better. In this situation I was the client and what I needed to do was listen to someone whose job it was to know how these things worked better than I did. And so I listened. And it has been a source of pride ever since. While we’ve used the circle with the flat spot on hats, shirts and notebooks, most people still think of it on our Christmas cards and Peace Signs. It is iconic. And it symbolizes the type of work this company aspires to produce for our clients.

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