• Bill Reilly

Working small

I knew it was going to be a small crew, I had done the bid. But the first time I walked onto on a set with a crew of eight I was a bit unnerved. This is what it looks like: It‘s much quieter, less chaotic. Up until that point, production companies in general had taken a one-size-fits-all approach — full-sized crew, full-up production (and let’s not even talk about the craft service). Now things were different for many reasons — budgets, schedules, immediacy in order to stay relevant in this environment — and we had to adjust to this changing movement. I now take a what-we-need not what-we’re-used-to approach to the process. It’s made the all the difference. We’re leaner, more efficient and more timely. (And maybe a pound or two lighter because of craft service.)


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