• Bill Reilly

Reps: Our most precious resource

I was a commercial rep before I founded Space Program. I know firsthand what a tireless and difficult job it can be. Always trying to secure the best creative, connecting with hundreds of people a week and constantly advocating for your companies and directors. (Add to that, only making money when the job is actually awarded). Today’s environment makes it even more tenuous for reps, with most of the creative work and discussions happening over email. Daunting and challenging to say the least. My reps have been with me for years because I love their passion and drive as well as the commitment they’ve made to the business we all enjoy so much. And they appreciate the ever-expanding, ever-evolving roster and variety of work we produce at Space Program. It gives them dynamic and unique creative options that they‘re able to offer their clients. Plus I try and give them as much support as I can, reaching out to people I know and presenting case studies when possible to further the brand. It’s been a win-win relationship for a long time.


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