On June 1-3, D&D brought together Twitch streamers, actors, singers, pancake makers, comedians and D&D luminaries to the Stream of Many Eyes, a three-day live-streamed extravaganza replete with dozens of cosplayer, two elaborate sets, bawdy songs and incredible camaraderie. During the event, D&D unveiled the new adventure story coming this year and showcased extraordinary D&D live gameplay on two stages at Line 204 in Hollywood. One stage contained the Medieval town of Waterdeep, (pictures and time-lapse below) complete with vendors’ stores and a working bar called The Yawning Portal. The other stage was a set built to look like the Roman Colosseum with seating for up to 200 people where D&D celebrities played games in front of a live, studio audience.

The Stream of Many Eyes began on Friday, June 1st, with a visual tour of the Waterdeep set led by host Anna Prosser Robinson and a roundtable conversation with the D&D team on the new storyline and what fans could expect. On the other stage a studio audience watched live D&D play sessions with Force Grey and Dice, Camera, Action! The event concluded with Jocks Machina hosted by D&D Design Director Mike Mearls and an ALL-TANK group led by Joe Manganiello, Travis Willingham and Paul “Big Show” Wight. Many thanks to ad agency, Tripleclix, for inviting us along.

Building the Waterdeep Set

In all, over 27 hours were live-streamed on over the three days. And more than 400 people attended Sunday’s sessions. Not surprisingly it was also a huge success online.

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